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Third Eye application how to use Android mobile device | TAMIL TECHNICAL TIPS


Use third Eye and trap all of the mobile snoopers without problems. third Eye app will ease your task of catching your friends and own family whilst they try to get entry to your mobile. 1/3 Eye will take a picture at the same time as someone attempts to get admission to your cell with incorrect PIN, sample or Password. you can capture the snoopers purple passed the use of this app. It presents lot greater cool functions.

Application functions :
1. The app automatically takes a photograph whilst someone enters the incorrect PIN, sample or Password.

2. Notification about incorrect attempts even as you unencumber the lock screen.
3. final unencumber time feature will show you the previous lock display screen unencumber time. With that, you can easily locate if a person used your mobile with out your information.
4. an in depth image logs of the cellular snoopers.
5. Lot greater customization settings.

Applications note : To Uninstall the app, please turn off intruder detection characteristic in the app and uninstall the app. Else, you can at once use the Uninstall alternative to be had inside the app.


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