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Music album editor application for Android mobile phone user's | TAMIL TECHNICAL TIPS

update and fasten your music album statistics. change the song name, edit the artist, album name, style and others. Generate the album cover/ art when playing your music/ mp3 songs.

music and audio album editor will fix and update ID3 (ID3v2) tags from song/ MP3 documents and also

replace the songs database statistics (MediaStore) out of your Android telephone. With track Album Editor, you can manage your music listing for Google Play song.

Application capabilities
update tune title, artist, album, yr and style
update ID3 artwork/ image/ cowl
update Mediastore album art/ picture/ cowl
 Merge tune to album
Unmerge tune from album
Browse from list of track
Browse from list of record (refresh song listing)
UNDO adjustments of the closing replace

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