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Mouse on screen application and snack on screen application for Android mobile phone user's | TAMIL TECHNICAL TIPS

how can you prank your friends?

1. Take their telephone underneath pretext of checking something on the net.
2. install our extremely good software.
3. Set the vermin to appear few seconds/mins ahead.
four. provide the cellphone back to your victim.

5. look at his response and snicker as a lot as feasible
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This application will display very realistic animation of snake (Python) on the screen of your phone. You can play game, watch film, browse the Internet and the slithery reptile will always be visible. Movement of this footless vertebrate was generated on the basis of a real film showing a snake moving in it's natural environment. Fluent movement and high quality of graphics can make anybody pranked that a real animal is moving on the screen of his Android phone.
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