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Memory Boost for Android mobile phone user's | TAMIL TECHNICAL TIPS

memory Booster goals at improving machine pace through resolving reminiscence issues on Android devices with

 real-time RAM usage

 pace Booster(unique task Killer)

  [NEW]Startup boost

  Cache cleaner

  garbage Collector

  car boost (in seasoned version)

  Whitelist/forget about list

   system info

Supported languages: English, Korean, japanese, traditional chinese language, Simplified chinese, Italian, French, Russian, Spanish, German, Turkish, Polish, Arabic, Greek, Indonesian, Slovak, Albanian

memory stage popularity and reminiscence usage graph

unfastened reminiscence stage is the primary thing that affects how fast gadget runs. reminiscence Booster suggests you real-time loose reminiscence stage, and affords a live chart to demonstrate how memory adjustments.

One-tap short boost
short boost recovers reminiscence with the aid of killing running duties, cleaning cache and gadget garbage. It rescues your telephone from jogging gradual and behaving strange right away.

speed improve - the Optimized challenge Killer
jogging apps maintains restarting themselves after being killed. To solve this problem, pace improve provides a extraordinary improve characteristic to forestall maximum jogging apps from restarting through the usage of Accessibility function in machine settings.

Startup raise
some apps mechanically start themselves whilst device reboots. Startup raise suggests some of these apps and helps to prevent them from auto-starts offevolved.

Customizable vehicle improve features
To make reminiscence boosting less difficult, auto raise may be set at distinctive raise tiers (fashionable, most excellent and ultimate boost) with a couple of boost strategies: automobile boost at everyday c programming language, or while memory drops right down to a certain level or whilst tool is locked.

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