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Image videos locker application for Android mobiles phones | TAMIL TECHNICAL TIPS

image,Video Locker-Calculator app can secretly cover snap shots, cover movies and Lock Apps with out all and sundry knowing as gallery lock set up in your phone appears as just a everyday calculator.Your documents could be secretly saved in vault and might best be regarded after a Numeric PIN is entered on calculator panel of this app.
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also this photograph,Video Locker can be used as ordinary calculator for daily use.
increase functions :
✅ access photo,Video Locker via typing Numeric PIN on calculator panel of this app.
✅ Lock apps using conventional PIN pad.
✅ guide all image formats in gallery lock like GIF, JPEG, PNG and many others.

✅ Backup sample free up.
✅ stunning subject matters for calculator and app lock display screen.
✅ smooth to manage, Delete, Unhide, circulate pix in gallery vault.
✅ tremendous inbuilt image viewer with Slide show, Rotate, share and Shuffle alternative.
✅ helps app safety to prevent Calculator from being uninstalled with the aid of strangers.
✅ effective and immediate Lock Apps device to keep secure your private media.
✅ Finger Print unencumber for each calculator and app lock for supported gadgets.
✅ Intruder Selfie. instant selfie captured when someone attempted wrong password to your app lock.
✅ faux App lock cowl. allow double protection or faux display screen over your app lock. you may set pressure near app screen for locked apps.
✅ you can lock wifi and bluetooth with password protection of app lock.
✅ Disappears from latest apps list.
✅ dark Mode function enables to secretly open personal picture,video locker throughout night time with out all and sundry understanding.
✅ ultra-modern cloth design with easy to apply interface.
a way to USE :

⏺ cover images and motion pictures : click on on Plus Button at the lowest of important display screen after which pick media from gallery and click lock button to cover into image,Video Locker-Calculator app.
⏺ Lock Apps: go to App Lock tab on major display screen and Lock your Apps with the aid of deciding on them to keep secure from others.

⏺ Intruder Selfie: allowing intruder selfie helps you to capture intruder's photo and display them whilst you entering into smart hidden calculator.
⏺ fake cowl: you may permit advanced protection wherein you could set fake cowl of pressure near of applications that are locked and most effective you know trick to open your app lock interface.
⏺ Finger print app lock: you may permit your fingerprint for locked apps to open it with out password instantly. it extensively utilized for your clever disguise calculator.
⏺ wi-fi safety: now you may have manipulate over your switched like wifi and Bluetooth through our strong app lock security.
beneficial application tips :

◽ forget about Password? recover Password by means of your registered e mail identity and regain get right of entry to to the app.
◽ change PIN? visit Settings tab and click on on exchange Password.
◽ unencumber Media? once you hide snap shots and movies from this gallery lock, use unlock button on this app to unhide media each time wished.
◽ strengthen protection? turn “ON” app protection option from settings once you disguise photographs and movies to hold secure without dropping it.
◽ relax and look at pics? Use SlideShow choice and set slide c programming language from settings.
◽ beautify? Use topic icon to alternate coloration of Lock screen so that you don’t become bored.

 Forgot my password. a way to Reset?
enter 8888 variety in Calculator and press equal(=) button. password recuperation screen will open.
 I uninstalled app and my locked photographs long gone. am i able to recover?
 No you can not. when you uninstalled app with out restoring files back for your gallery, you'll lose locked documents forever. re installing cannot recover those deleted documents.
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