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TAMIL HEALTH TIPS - What are the benefits of ragi?


Finger millet is called as Ragi. Ragi is a healthy food for people. It was rich in nutritional content and is a wonder food for diabetic peoples. Finger millet is a small cereal in Poaceae family. Poaceae is a grass family. Finger millet is one of the ancient millet in india. Ragi is look like brown mustard seed. Small seeded annual grass plant. Ragi another names, Finger millet, Marva, Nagli, Bavto, Mantika, in tamil people called as Kezhvaragu, Keppai.

The botanical name is Eleusine coracana. Indian people used ragi in ancient times to still now. Its oldest crops in india and its come from Karnataka state Hallur, and spread over the world most over cultivated area in south Africa and Arabia and Indian ocean in both directions. Finger millet have high amount of calcium, potassium, amino acids, dietary fiber, minerals, vitamin A, vitamin B, and phosphorous, Water content, Fat, Carbohydrate, iron  presented. Ragi is an excellent source of heamoglobin. Nutritive value of finger millet is higher than that of rice and same to that of wheat. Calcium content of finger millet is higher amount present. Sprouted ragi gives vitamin C. Ragi porride intake to gives increase the urination.  Ragi  processed by different types of products like noodles, malting, flour, cookies, chocolates, spicy snacks, sweet halwa etc. Ragi is making by different types of breakfast and snacks like dosa, idly, kitchedy, boiled items and fried items are prepared. Boiled ragi is good for breakfast. Ragi products are easy digestable because easily digestable fiber content is present in very high amount. Ragi gives heat to the body and remedies for constipation problems. Ragi maintain to the body strength without tiredness. In diabetic people intake ragi products to control blood sugar level stimulate the insulin secretion and given to the more strength and energy.

Ragi porridge is good and healthy for new born babies, childrens and aged peoples. Ragi prepared by simple and easy cooking.  Ragi porridge, idly and dosa are really good tasty. Obesity people to consume boiled ragi daily breakfast finally reduce body weight. It enhanced immunity to the body and prevents to anemic, calcium and protein deficiency.

Ragi prevents osteoporosis in growing children. Fat content is very low in ragi. Ragi ia a healthy diet food for people. Now a days obesity is the main problem in the world. An ancient tamil people known well diet control in naturally and to take more cereals and avoid carbohydrate foods. But now the modern generations go and followed the fast food lifestyle. This is not healthy way. The people will return and follow the natural food diets prevent the premature deaths.  Ragi is very good multi nutrients for people especially in children and aged peoples.
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