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Happens Only In India Marries Two Women At Same Time

In the event that young ladies get hitched at an early age, then their instruction gets influenced. Encourage an early marriage influences the quality of the mother and that of her tyke. We have promised against kid marriage in the town,” says Sarpanch Pomaram. He goes ahead to clarify how he has been bringing issues to light among villagers in regards to the estimation of the young lady youngster. “Murmur yeh batate hain ki ladki ghar ki lakshmi hoti hain. Ek ladki padh li toh saath peediyan padh lengi. Ladki poke ghar mein shikshit hogi toh sara parivaar bhi shikshit hoga. Ek ladka padh likh liya toh woh sirf apna kaam dekhega. Na woh apne ghar ka kaam dekhega. (We tell that the young lady kid resemble Goddess Lakshmi. On the off chance that one young lady gets taught, then the succeeding seven eras will get instructed. On the off chance that the young lady is instructed then the whole family will be taught. In the event that a kid gets taught he will just deal with himself. He won’t deal with the family unit work)”
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