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Anandhi Anna Square Residence

The Girl Anandhi who resides in AnnaSquare Chennai is seem to be missing from the last week of September. People who have any details about her whereabouts are kindly asked to contact the police or the family of the missing child. Also people who might have seen anywhere can call the respective authorities and give them any clue that might fasten the process of recovering her.
It is also the duty of the common people like us to help the police in such cases. Kindly share this article in social media and it might help the process of finding the child in some way. Now a days the people or kids missing are found in a quick time with the help of the technology.
One should not hesitate to post the details of the missing child in social media networks as Facebook and it has helped many parents to be joined again with their kids. News travels fast in the Fb as well as other mobile apps as Whatsapp and helps the parents and authorities track the lost children.
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